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Started in 2018 by David and Peter, Beefinity & Viande is their interpretation of homestyle East-West cooking. Both born and raised in London to parents of Asian heritage, they marry familiar Western dishes to flavours they grew up with.

Originally only found at brewery taprooms, Beefinity & Viande is now resident at The Foxglove Free House in Islington. In addition to the residency and pop up food stalls, the team is also available to cater for private events.

With regards to the name, it’s a little nerdy (if you get it) and says nothing about our food, but it allows us to say…”Come to us, and let us take you to Beefinity & Viande” 

Meet the guys

David Garidan

David Garidan

Likes: watersports, pina coladas, Lionel Richie (during The Commodores era), tying knots, squares

Dislikes: grammatical errors (speling is ok), being called "Dave", getting caught in the rain

As a form of relaxation, Dave can be seen playing with bits of string...somewhat like a cat.

Peter Nguyen

Peter Nguyen

Likes: finding great bargains on eBay, the science, riding dodgy motorcycles

Dislikes: tomatoes, spicy food (not for the most obvious reason), beer (because he has the worst super power in the world)

Peter loves nothing more than sharing a tiny bottle of pop with the one that he loves, all while listening to podcasts at 1.5x speed.

Find us at

The Foxglove Free House | 209-211 Liverpool Road | LONDON | N1 1LX
Opening hours: Thu-Fri 1800-2100 | Sat 1200-1600; 1800-2100 | Sun 1200-2000

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